Build-out has begun on the newest Spokane Wine Tasting Room!

Leave it to my beau to get me blogging again.

I enjoy following my blogging buddies, but I have found little time to keep up with mine. In fact, I have wondered over continuing my blog at all. But then my Edward starts a blog of his own and… What is this I feel?? Jealousy??? Now HE is out there in the blogosphere, sharing his life and thoughts, and ME… I’m quietly juggling a thousand project points while keeping house in two different cities three hours apart. Why does HE get to have all the fun? :)


The build-out has begun on the new wine tasting room in Spokane! There is a literal buzz of activity with the electricians, plumbers, framers, drywallers, painters, etc. all swarming about the space. I am meeting with various media reps regarding our marketing plan, putting the finishing touches on our wine and food pairing menu, and planning our soft and grand opening events. I am also co-starring in the role of General Contractor, coordinating the cogs and sprockets of all the sub-work. My cohort is Kevin Serr with Compass Construction, and he really knows how to make things happen! The build-out schedule is super-tight, leaving little room for error, but we have an important goal.

Our target date to open the doors is June 22nd, with a private party that evening for our Club Members, and one dear friend from the Washington Vine ;) It will be exactly one year to the weekend when Edward and I first flew in, investigating the Spokane opportunity. How grand it would be to celebrate that weekend in our new tasting room with our new friends and family!

A LOT has to work in our favor between now and then, so if you are the praying kind, please send one up for us. Otherwise, cross your fingers and keep your eyes open for status updates. To follow step-by-step (with photos!) on our Facebook page, your convenient link is located at the bottom of my right navigation bar.

The Final Build-Out Schedule for the new Wine Tasting Room in Spokane

The Final Build-Out Schedule for the new Wine Tasting Room in Spokane

5 comments on “Build-out has begun on the newest Spokane Wine Tasting Room!

  1. Glad to read from you again, and to see that things are on track. Awesome! I hope all works out!!

    And you rightly did not link to Edward’s blog, depriving him of more traffic…:)

    • Thank you! It’s been a bumpy road, but it will all be worth it once we get the doors open.

      Too funny… your remark on Edward’s blog :) Come to think of it, there was a second link I neglected for the Washington Vine. I don’t know which admission would be worse – that I was forgetful or that I was selfish! lol

  2. PICS!!! And what is that about a party….? I’m quite excited for you! It’s been a long road indeed!

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