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Patit Creek Knockout Sister Wines: Trinité and the First Rosé

Review of our 2010 Trinité and 2012 Rosé from The Washington Vine… She called us her “Splurge of the Month” :)

The Washington Vine

Right now I’m evaluating what I should be doing against what I’m actually doing.  But really, you can only spend so many hours locked in an office on a nice day before you have to just say, “Forget it!!” and find something else to do. At least for a while to clear your head.  Last night, I  opened up a bottle of Columbia Crest’s Amitage red blend; next to Maryhill’s Winemaker’s Red, it is my favorite anytime wine.  More than half that bottle is still waiting to be finished, and I dare not dump it. Thank goodness it is a three-day weekend since I decided the weather today called for a Rosé.  But first, and most importantly, it is Memorial Day weekend. And I know we are all immersed in “Thank a Vet/Soldier”, and that after a while, we become desensitized to this.  But given the world we live in…

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