LOST, my hiking tale gone wrong

I did all the things a smart solo hiker should do. I read the reviews. I had the trail map downloaded to my phone, fully charged. I logged my hike onto foursquare and facebook, so my loved ones would know where to find me. Iller Creek/Big Rocks is a five mile loop, touted to be one […]

Weekly photo challenge: Resolved

Hiking and Kayaking are two of my great loves, but being busy always seems to get in my way. This year I resolved to escape more often and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest that I now call home. Learn more about the weekly photo challenge here.

4,500 Miles to get Uncorked

4,500 Miles to get Uncorked

After ten years of nonprofit work in the Florida tropics, my life took an unexpected turn – north. An opportunity came to work for a winery in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington. I would make that crazy leap, leaving behind my friends, my family, and most of my belongings. I made my way to the beach for one […]