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What I Ate Wednesday #2

What I Ate Wednesday #2

It was a rainy day on the west side here in Woodinville. Overcast, was it “gray” or was it *grey*? Either way, it was fitting as I hugged my Beau goodbye yesterday on the curb of the American Airlines terminal. I always get a case of the doldrums on the day of his departure, like the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Breaking bread together is the quintessential heart of “community” for me. Food fuels our lives, our memories, and some of our most intimate connections (especially when wine is involved!) Who doesn’t remember sharing those cookies with dad, the dog, the homework buddy, or the sleepover guests? Yesterday was Big Ed’s birthday, and the smell of […]

Better with age

I was the only person signed up for the cheese tasting class at Saunders last night, so I had Kate the connoisseur all to myself. She walked me through the world of cheeses with thirteen samples and a trained vocabulary. I am looking for the perfect pairings to offer in the new wine tasting room. […]

Sunday Brunch: Roasted Beet & Portobello Au Gratin

Sunday Brunch: Roasted Beet & Portobello Au Gratin

 I recently came into possession of a box of cooking magazines, and I am in HEAVEN. Browsing yesterday, I found two recipes of interest, so I combined them! This simple Sunday Brunch Recipe serves four generously, and I spent less than fifteen dollars. You can find nutritional information here. Roasted Beet & Portobello Au Gratin Ingredients: 6 […]

Hopes and Headaches for the new Wine Tasting Room

It was a crazy month last week 8-) The goal is to finalize the project budget for the new tasting room by the end of the month. The challenge is that my project is in Spokane, while I live three hours away in Walla Walla. The result: lonnnng days, sleepless nights, and answering email in my […]

Wine and Food and Humor Pairing – Creating a Riesling Course

Oh the fine art of wine and food pairing! I am still a newbie at developing my palate, but my friend Carol is spectacular at it. She and her daughter Brenna have been helping me create unique and exciting menus for our Winemaker Dinners at Patit Creek Cellars. Watching them is like watching an artist… […]

What I Ate Wednesday: Newbie

I have stumbled upon a new goings-on: What I Ate Wednesday (thanks to Jess for the introduction). WIAW started as a food diary for a would-be dietician and turned into a weekly bloggy social event. Ever the foodie, I had to get in on this of course :) The idea is to chronicle everything you eat one […]