Spokane Tasting Room

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Oh how I have missed participating in the weekly photo challenge. Between the new tasting room build-out and my extensive travel to and from Walla Walla… Well, suffice it to say, I have allowed my work to suck me into that black hole again, where I am fully consumed by it; where I eat, sleep, […]

Better with age

I was the only person signed up for the cheese tasting class at Saunders last night, so I had Kate the connoisseur all to myself. She walked me through the world of cheeses with thirteen samples and a trained vocabulary. I am looking for the perfect pairings to offer in the new wine tasting room. […]

Build-out has begun on the newest Spokane Wine Tasting Room!

Leave it to my beau to get me blogging again. I enjoy following my blogging buddies, but I have found little time to keep up with mine. In fact, I have wondered over continuing my blog at all. But then my Edward starts a blog of his own and… What is this I feel?? Jealousy??? […]

My Un-Announcement

The waiting is pure agony. I’ve been chomping at the bit to make an announcement on the new Spokane tasting room… We have our building permit! The review took less than an hour, and we walked out of our intake meeting with the permit in hand. The plans examiner for the City said there has […]

Hopes and Headaches for the new Wine Tasting Room

It was a crazy month last week 8-) The goal is to finalize the project budget for the new tasting room by the end of the month. The challenge is that my project is in Spokane, while I live three hours away in Walla Walla. The result: lonnnng days, sleepless nights, and answering email in my […]

Choosing Interiors for the new Tasting Room in Spokane

Choosing Interiors for the new Tasting Room in Spokane

My head is spinning, my heart is pounding, my eyes are burning, and I am smiling with delirium. That’s what designing a new wine tasting room is like. At least, that’s what it is like for this first-timer working on a tight budget with an impossible deadline. The options are dizzying, the clock is ticking, and […]

A bump in the road – Shopping for interiors in the Tri-Cities

I am developing a healthy respect for interior designers. Armed with solid ideas and photos of my desired furnishings, I headed an hour west for a day in the Tri-Cities. I was impressed with the amount of shopping options along the Columbia Center Boulevard, and I just knew I would be putting my hands on just […]