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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Oh how I have missed participating in the weekly photo challenge. Between the new tasting room build-out and my extensive travel to and from Walla Walla… Well, suffice it to say, I have allowed my work to suck me into that black hole again, where I am fully consumed by it; where I eat, sleep, and dream it; where nothing else exists save the goal that is nearly within my grasp and the future that is always drifting just beyond it.

But back to the Sign…

Last weekend I pulled a twelve hour day, borrowing a box truck (thank you Kevin Serr and Compass Construction!) and driving to and from Walla Walla to collect our tasting room cabinets, wine barrels, area rug, and this sign.

The Sign Says

The sign I actually picked up in Dayton, from the original owners of Patit Creek Cellars. It hung at the original winery, which was started near the actual Patit Creek in Dayton, WA. When Big Ed purchased the winery in 2007, the Dayton location was closed and the new facility at the Walla Walla airport was opened. Paul and Marcene kept that first sign, and it has been tucked away in their barn ever since. Until last Saturday, that is. They have graciously given it to me, to hang outside our new tasting room in Spokane!

So what does “the sign say” to me? The Sign Says that it is possible to come full circle, even when you thought your dreams were gone. The Sign Says to cherish your past, because it just might lead you to your future. The Sign Says that it is never too late to start all over again.

The Sign Says that your hard work will pay off, and that you deserve a glass of happiness, coming soon to downtown Spokane!

One comment on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. You have actually done what the challenge asked. Good luck.

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