Better with age


I was the only person signed up for the cheese tasting class at Saunders last night, so I had Kate the connoisseur all to myself. She walked me through the world of cheeses with thirteen samples and a trained vocabulary. I am looking for the perfect pairings to offer in the new wine tasting room. Kate is super helpful, and we narrow the field together, one delicious morsel at a time. Once home, I re-sample my favorites against the open bottles of Chardonnay, Trinité, and our ’09 Cabernet Sauvignon. (If you ask me why I have three open bottles of wine in my home, I will tell you that today is not my first attempt at finding that perfect pairing! ;)

Thinking about wine and cheese again this morning, and how they get better with age. The more I sample, the more I agree and gravitate toward the older, enjoying most those in that *happy place* between youth and must.

I am in that *happy place* today as I turn forty years old. I have never felt so high; I have never felt more grounded. I am discovering that wonderful balance between doing what I want and doing what I must, between being who I am and becoming who I should be. I am learning to follow my heart and my head at the same time. As I ease into this *happy place* I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this life I have been gifted and for the beautiful people I am so blessed to share it with.

Cheers to the next forty! Bring it on.

4 comments on “Better with age

  1. Beautiful reflection, Sonya! I hope you were able to enjoy a great day! Happy Birthday!

  2. cheers to you daughter!

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