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Hopes and Headaches for the new Wine Tasting Room

It was a crazy month last week 8-)

The goal is to finalize the project budget for the new tasting room by the end of the month. The challenge is that my project is in Spokane, while I live three hours away in Walla Walla. The result: lonnnng days, sleepless nights, and answering email in my pajamas at five o’clock in the morning. Thankfully my *git r dun* attitude is still in check :) I’ve put 2,500 miles on my Forester this month. No fog, snow, or freezing rain can stop me!

In order to save time and money on the project, I’ve become the General Contractor. Last week was jammed with bid meetings, coordinating schedules with the building engineer, electrician, plumbers, painters and more. The quote on my countertops came in wayyy over budget, so I also had to scramble to the slab yards to make an adjustment. The chaise lounge I fell in love with for the lobby is going to sell out before I can get my hands on it. The fire marshall is requiring something called an “intumescent”. I have to find a Special Plans Inspector to ensure we comply with the energy code. I order my Reuben on the run and chew through the sweet potato fries while the security guy does his walk-about. I collapse late at the end of every night.

The highlight of my week came yesterday, when we had three groups in for tasting at the Walla Walla winery. I had a fresh-baked batch of crackers on the counter with a dish of my Chardonnay mustard. The fireplace was going strong and “Danny’s Song” was spinning soft. It felt like having friends over for the evening. It felt like home. This is what I want for my tasting room. I couldn’t help but drift away for a moment, imagining the doors open to welcome and entertain our guests. I am so eager to bring our brand of hospitality to the city, make new friends, and brighten every encounter. Those nights will make these days worth my while.

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