Weekly photo challenge: Illumination

Insomnia strikes again

Insomnia strikes again.

I thought this would make an ironic entry into the weekly photo challenge. It struck me as I stumbled toward the coffee pot this morning, led through the dark by the glow of these: three clocks mocking me and the grinder reminding me that fresh rejuvenation was only a click away.

Fortunately, I can be highly creative and productive once the java is flowing. There is no better time for research and inspiration than o’dark-thirty.

2 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Illumination

  1. My wife would agree…I am a different story…

    • There are a few of us out there. In my previous career, I had two colleagues who were just like me, working at all hours of the night. The time stamp on our emails gave it away, and we started collaborating during those wee hours… much to the chagrin of others kept awake by the notifications on their smart phones! hahaha good times

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