Wine and Food and Humor Pairing – Creating a Riesling Course

Oh the fine art of wine and food pairing!

I am still a newbie at developing my palate, but my friend Carol is spectacular at it. She and her daughter Brenna have been helping me create unique and exciting menus for our Winemaker Dinners at Patit Creek Cellars. Watching them is like watching an artist… they smell, they swirl, they sip… and then they begin to paint, starting with a base ingredient, then adding layer upon layer until a fully complimenting dish is achieved, all inspired by the flavors and aromas of the wine.

The play back and forth during this process is full of humor and creativity. Watching them in action is akin to pulling back the curtain of a marvelous stage production, appreciating the art happening behind the art. We’ve actually made an event out of it, inviting other club members to come to our little “tasting party”. Carol and Brenna never cease to surprise and delight our guests.

This video captures only a couple of minutes of the ladies in action, creating the first course to be paired with our 2010 Riesling:

The Riesling Course: Filet of Sole with King Crab Stuffing and Roasted Grape Beurre Blanc, with Honey Roasted Nest of Carrots

Carol’s notes on wine and food pairing:

  1. Wine is never just a drink. There are the three layers of taste. The first pass over the palate.  The taste as the wine is swished.  The important finish of the wine.
  2. The nose of the wine and the nose of the food as it is presented need to complement each other.  As we eat first with the eyes and then the nose, the wine also presents as a visual and then aromatic treat.
  3. The first pass should also be the first component of the food presented.  They should match and accentuate each other.
  4. The swish of the food as it is enjoyed should enhance the middle flavors of the wine as well.
  5. The final lingering finish on the palate of the wine should be echoed by the aftertaste of the food, leaving you to want more of both.

I’ll *clink* to that!

A special thank you to Jacobi’s Catering for our wonderful Brenna

7 comments on “Wine and Food and Humor Pairing – Creating a Riesling Course

  1. Fun to watch the creative juice flow!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I like the video a lot, too!

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