A bump in the road – Shopping for interiors in the Tri-Cities

I am developing a healthy respect for interior designers.

Armed with solid ideas and photos of my desired furnishings, I headed an hour west for a day in the Tri-Cities. I was impressed with the amount of shopping options along the Columbia Center Boulevard, and I just knew I would be putting my hands on just the right finds for the tasting room. I visited three flooring companies, four furniture outlets, and four homeware department stores, and all I have to show for it is a couple of great armchairs, one of which is over budget. Ugh.

Designing the new tasting room is proving much harder than I thought.

Definitely take a GPS if you decide to visit the Tri-Cities. Getting around Kennewick was very confusing. It was all loopty-loo’s and spin-a-roo’s as far as I could tell. There were several times I could see my destination, but the road just wouldn’t lead me to it. I saw signs for a few tasting rooms, and I had hoped to make a sip stop at some point in my day. But I never did find one, and my time was otherwise consumed.

The highlight of my day was a sushi stop at Mizu in the Columbia Center Mall. Ahhhh, suuuushiiiii. A conveyor belt of deliciousness moved endlessly in front of me, yours truly with a penchant for variety. If I saw something interesting, I just pulled it from the belt. The plates were color-coded for pricing, with dishes ranging from $1.50 to $4.50. The servers happily accommodated any question with an apt description of your dish of choice. While the portions were small, it allowed for ample sampling without bulging the belt, which can happen quite easily if you aren’t careful with a sushi indulgence.

Regarding the tasting room interiors, I think I need to expand my shopping territory :P

4 comments on “A bump in the road – Shopping for interiors in the Tri-Cities

  1. You should check out my blog for inspiration/ideas. :) It’s new so there’s not much on there, but there will be in the future.

    Sometimes you can’t always find what you’re looking for in person and sometimes you have to look online or vice versa.

    • I designed the new tasting room space using ideas from google and bing images. The unfortunate part is that most of the actual pieces I loved were not found on market sites, but on design sites, so they aren’t actually available for sale. Trying to find them in the real living, breathing world YOU for seeking this as a profession – the best of luck to ya :)

  2. I would strongly recommend Pinterest for inspirational Design, Interior and Architectural images – the cream of the crop and I find you have to scour for ages on any other search engines. They also have wonderful DIY ideas so if you found a piece that had potential you could try putting your own stamp on it. Good luck :-)

    • Funny you should say, because I had a visitor to the winery today who suggested Pinterest as well! Thank you for taking the time to invest yourself in my project. Heading over to Pinterest today to check this out :)

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