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How to celebrate together even when you are hundreds of miles apart

My beau and I have dreamed up a number of ways to feel close, even though we live 2,688 miles apart. Celebrations can be a challenge, especially when you are separated by three time zones. Still, we made the most of our New Year’s Eve together-apart.

New Year's Eve Long-Distance Ribeye Roast Cook-Off

  • I sent him a very special bottle of wine, a Patit Creek Cellars club member exclusive called the Eleventh Anniversary Wine. I had one set aside for myself as well.
  • We decided on a dish. We know this wine loves grilled meat, so we chose a rib roast that would carmelize in a 500 degree oven. Neither of us had ever made one before, so we hit google together to find a few recipes.
  • Then it became competitive – who could prepare the best meal from our common ingredient :) Sides and seasonings were kept top secret until the baking began.
  • We coordinated cooking and meal times, which meant a very late lunch for me. I hardly noticed the wait.
  • The whole family got involved! Pop and I planned our scheme from Walla Walla and scored a sale on the roast. Edward says his daughter never left the kitchen, assisting from the rub on.
  • We texted pictures to each other, checked cooking times (how many minutes do you have left?), and talked about how wonderful our kitchens smelled.
  • His cousin Beth judged the meal based on plating and presentation, since she was nowhere near enough to either of us to actually taste it.

It meant a lot to spend the day cooking together, and then to sit down to a great meal and a fine wine, knowing we were eating and drinking the same. It was the next best thing to being in the same place. We’ll be doing this again!

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