Freezing Fog in Walla Walla

I’ve heard Big Ed and Judy talk about the freezing fog in Walla Walla, but I had no idea just how beautiful it would be. Yesterday was 30* and foggy, which I thought was perfect weather to do some wine tasting. Little did I know I would be driving into an awe phenomenon. My tasting would take an hour’s detour as I came upon wonder after wonder. A hush fell over me. There was nought in the distance, only here and now. I shivered softly under the frosty blanket. Trees and shrubs took on a lacy, dainty appearance, covered in powdery particles. The whole town became an antique encounter, quieted and obscured by the heavy air. I was transported to a different time and place. I got the funny feeling I was an extra in the old film, “It’s a Wonderful Life” :) It took an hour to snap back.

How does freezing fog work? Fog itself does not produce measureable precipitation, but it can wet and moisten objects. When a tiny fog droplet comes in contact with an object that is below freezing, it will turn to ice. If the temperature remains fairly consistent, and if the fog hangs around long enough, a powdery coating will form. The result is winter wonderment.

2 comments on “Freezing Fog in Walla Walla

  1. Next time I see Cheney covered in this, I’ll send you a pic! It is beautiful!

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