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Discover a Fresh Side to your Wine

I don’t know why no one else is doing it…

I love pairing wine with food! So when the opportunity came to design my own tasting room for Patit Creek Cellars, the kitchen was a must. Oh I dream of all of the marvelous dishes I can create and share with our customers. So much better than just describing what the Tempranillo tastes like paired with smoked salmon! Or how subbing our Chardonnay in butternut soup adds this incredible tangy character. I have visions of club members dancing through our doors, eager to discover what they can cook up next with seasonal delights from the market – and which wine goes with it, or in it :) The possibilities are endless.

Caprese and Vintage-Marinated OlivesTake this simple caprese – by itself, it’s a beautiful pairing for our sophisticated Merlot. Now note the olives… these are vintage marinated! I’ll be soaking them for a week in my secret herbed-wine solution. Just one of the delectable treats you’ll find when you visit me at the Patit Creek Cellars tasting room in Spokane.

Offering simple, seasonal, light cuisine to pair with your wine just makes sense to me. I can’t imagine why more tasting rooms aren’t doing it. Of course there is the added scrutiny from the health department, higher labor, and lower profit margins, especially if you feature local purveyors, which we will. But aren’t we in business to *showcase* our products?, and to offer a valuable and distinctive experience to our customers? For me, it’s well worth the added effort to see that light in your eyes when you taste my Cabernet Sauvignon with that hunk of rich, dark chocolate. Sweeeet :)

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