Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

Foreign BoardThe language used around the winery is entirely Foreign to me. It seems every time I round a corner I run into some strange writing or contraption. Like any foreign language, it can be learned. All it takes is curiosity, practice, and a patient teacher. Fortunately for me, I have all three. Who would have guessed “wine” would be my first second language? Well… I guess a few people would have guessed ;).

The whiteboard is where the winemaker leaves instructions for his assistant. One day it read, “The Pain. The Patience. The Passion.” which I understood perfectly well. Today, it read what you see above… that’s Greek to me!

On a side note, the bins you see to the right are full of fermenting grapes, making the winery all warm and homey with their heat and amazing aroma. Add in fabulous views and friendly people… and now you’re speaking my language.

2 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

  1. Guess you felt lost and lonely in front of this white board :)
    Well… you’ll get used if you are not already!!!

    here is my entry for this challenge… I hope to see you around :)


    • I did feel a little lost! Fortunately our winemaker Joe was there to make explanation for me, and he never seems to tire of my curious questions.

      Thanks for your visit! Stop by anytime :)

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