Weekly photo challenge: BIG

Pepper Bridge Vineyard at HarvestWhy is this picture so BIG to me?

Well, there’s the obvious… I see the Blue Ridge Mountains rolling across the background. I see crisp, spacious air floating high above. I see acres of luscious vineyards stretching out as far as the eye can see. It just feels BIG to me.

I’m sure that is also feels big because of how I feel when I look at it. The fact that I am even standing here taking this picture is BIG. This photo represents a BIG idea. It represents a BIG risk. It represents BIG adventure. This photo calls out the heart of a little girl with BIG hopes and dreams. Big enough to chase them. Big enough to live them.

My thoughts meander over the radical twists my life has taken to land me here and now, working for the winery. I see a whole new world of opportunity. I feel peace. I am being reinvented and rejuvenated. And I catch myself smiling – really BIG :)

5 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: BIG

  1. Hey Sequoia101! I know this place!!! I’ve driving these roads so many times – around the region of Hermiston, or Kennewick, right? Along the Columbia River? I do feel like this place is BIG. I especially love the big-ness of the rows and rows of vineyards – pressing my nose up against the car window as we drive by – trying to see as far down the rows of vines as I could. And, the section of highway that is like a roller-coaster… The whole scene is just breath-taking – no matter what time of year. Yes – BIG indeed.

    Check out my blog too! Thanks! Kerry

    • Hi Kerry! Thanks for checking out my blog :) I took this photo in Walla Walla at Pepper Bridge Vineyards. I was with our winemaker picking up our bins of Merlot grapes. It was a gorgeous day, and the view was simply breathtaking. It was one of those “hard to believe I am standing here” moments – a BIG moment in a BIG, beautiful place.

      • Ack! I know Walla Walla all too well. My Dad lived near there – the white farmhouse between Waitsburg and Dixie, which used to have a lot of green lush trees and lawns. He moved away from there to be closer to family but I spent many summers there working as the harvest-crew cook! There were NO vineyards there then! (around 1985-1990) It’s changed so much – would love to tour some of the Vineyards there sometime when I’m am in the region visiting family. Best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations on your life changing move. Like they say in surfing, “Go Big or Go home.”
    Thanks for visiting everydaygurus.

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