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Industry Research Day

I am often asked to suggest other tasting rooms when Walla Walla visitors come to the winery. But even though I’ve been here a month, I have not had the chance to browse around. Between harvest and being the new kid on the block, I’ve been busy! I had to negotiate a day off to conduct a little industry research ;)

There are 26 tasting rooms here in the airport district alone. Not all tasting rooms are open this early in the week, and I don’t have the constitution to taste at all of them in one day anyway :P. Of those I did visit, one thing became abundantly clear – I have not found a comparable wine at a comparable price to Patit Creek Cellars. In addition, we have one of the most beautiful facilities on the east side.

Getting my bearings on where to suggest some nice red blends, a Bordeaux White, a solid Malbec, a seductive Sangiovese, a Sparkling Tempranillo and more was so much fun. I’m also learning a lot about price points and which tasting rooms offer the best visitor experience.

Came back to the winery in time to make dinner for the guys. Big Ed threw some ribeye on the grill while I worked on the broccoli cheese sauce to smother the baked potatoes. It was all coming together so nicely when… OOPS! Forgot the milk. I had to work a little improv with some chicken broth and Chardonnay. Best Broccoli Cheese Sauce Ever.

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