A Cool Amber

Garlic Lemon ShrimpMost nights I make dinner at the winery after we close the tasting room. You couldn’t ask for better ambience… a cozy fireplace, racks of beautiful wine, piano jazz wafting through the air… and four to seven open bottles from the day’s tasting, offering abundant pairing opportunities for tonight’s dinner selection.

Food and wine is now my passionate playground. I love experimenting with how the flavors play off each other; how a particular food can enhance the sip of wine, and which wines best compliment the dish I’ve prepared. The winery offers a pairing paradise.

I tend to default to the reds, my personal preference. I am finding though, through this delightful process of trial and “error” (like any combo is really a bad one ;)) that sometimes the perfect mate is a cool amber. Take this Garlic Lemon Shrimp over Roasted Veggies for example. The flavors were just too delicate for a big, hearty red. For the first time it occurred to me that a compliment may be in the cooler. Viola! Perfecto! And so even Chardonnay is finding its way into my vocabulary these days.

2 comments on “A Cool Amber

  1. Now, you have made me hungry! So I’m gonna say that you owe me dinner. Some day…

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