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First Fruits Arrive

Sauvignon BlancFirst fruit arrived the same week I did! Scene One is the whites. We did a custom crush for another winemaker with Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Albariño grapes. A custom crush is when another label, often a smaller winery, uses our facility and equipment to process their grapes. We get daily visits from the other winemakers checking on their juice. I get to ask lots of questions, and every winemaker has their own personal perspective on how to make a good product. There is distinction in grape selecting, sorting, crushing, fermenting, and more, resulting in widely varied wines.

I made the terrible mistake of not tasting each fruit as it came in. Honestly, they all looked the same to me, and I didn’t even notice we were processing three different varietals. It wasn’t until very late into the evening crush that I realized the missed opportunity.

The fruit you see here is Sauvignon Blanc – a white that I enjoy when I feel like a departure from my usual Merlot. The bins are pulled off the truck by forklift – boy can our winemaker Joe make that thing dance! The fruit is weighed and then loaded into a press. (See more photos on my Facebook album.) Then the juice is pumped into the tank. We repeat and repeat until the full harvest is squished, about five tons of fruit that first night.

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